Beauty Blogger Reveals How to Eliminate Acne with Banana Skin

July 6, 2018Uncategorized Standard

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Beauty Blogger Reveals How to Eliminate Acne with Banana Skin

Facial treatments using natural ingredients seem to begin ogled back by the women. A number of beauty bloggers often make tutorials on Instagram. In addition to Farah Dhukai, other bloggers who like to give beauty tips are natural is Habiba. Some time ago, he shared how to get rid of acne using banana skin. In a short video uploaded to Instagram, Habiba showcase the way as well as real proof that banana skin really has the benefits of beauty. The owner of the @makeupholic_moon account says that the ingredients that often become kitchen waste can eliminate acne within a few hours. He also suggested this technique is applied to you who are acne ahead of the important day.

My personal opinion, I’m surprised acne disappears within a few hours. The inflammation is decreasing and by the next morning my acne completely disappears. Every skin type is different depending on flexibility and health but I suggest I try it to find out if it works for you, says Habiba.

Women from Los Angeles, USA said it should use the skin of a banana that is not too ripe. Banana if it can still yellow but has appeared black spots. All you need to do is cut the skin to become smaller. After that, rub the pieces on the overgrown acne. Do it for a few moments then let the banana peels stick in the area for two hours. After that, Habiba rubs it again until the banana skin is brown. Then the blogger advises that you let it not be washed overnight for maximum results. You can also clean your face in the morning. When Habiba finally removes the banana skin from the face, it is clear if the acne previously seen on her nose disappears.

Maybe some of you think if this way is not hygienic and not necessarily successful. But women with more than 28,000 followers said if the technique had been validated by doctors although it has not been clinically proven. Banana skin is supposed to have beauty benefits because it contains antioxidants that can refresh the skin and reduce inflammation. (ami / ami)