10 Steps Weight Loss Without Any Hard Work

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harga smart detox synergy 10 Steps Weight Loss Without Any Hard Work
Jakarta To be able to lose weight, it is generally necessary effort and discipline. From start to exercise to calculate calories.
But if you do not have time – or do not have enough discipline – 10 easy tricks you can apply daily to lose weight.

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Written from Pop Sugar, Wednesday (6/4/2014), here are 10 tricks:
1. Always start eating with one glass of water
This kind of thing will make you always hydrated and feels full soon, until you will not eat generally.
2. Make easy substitutions for each food
For example by wearing a low-calorie salad dressing, eating vegetables in the stew without any peanut sauce, choose fresh fruits instead of dried fruit or juice.
This little change without being recognized can reduce your calorie consumption to 80 calories.
3. Dark chocolate for dessert
Instead of choosing a biscuit or wafer, change your sweet foods with dark chocolate. The prefix may be that this sort of thing will not feel very satisfactory, but while your sugar addiction stops, you will be able to reduce calories and enjoy healthy snacks.
4. Diligently control the portion
If you want to lose weight, make sure your meal is right. Measure many of your previous snacks to consume them, and not immediately consume them from the pocket.
Wear smaller plates to give the visual signals that your food will meet. Then keep the used food until you are not tempted to consume again.
5. The more moving
Even if you do not have the time to exercise, you can burn some extra calories through more and more moves during the day.
Take a moment’s break from work, and walk around the office. Make sure the stairs from the elevator, and parked further from the office building until you have to walk more and more.
6. Do not drink your calories
One of the most common arguments you can not lose weight is because of the calories coming from your drink, such as soda and bottled juice.
Make sure the water is given flavor from some fresh natural ingredients, such as cucumber, lemon, or mint, to avoid the consumption of extra calories.
7. Do not be hungry very long
A little bit of hunger is good for you, but hunger during the day to be able to eat sweet foods favorite night time is not healthy.
Eat as well as mencemillah regularly to avoid low blood sugar.
8. Consume high-protein snack and fiber
When it’s time for a snack, make sure the food is good for you. Stay away from high-calorie empty snacks, such as chips or crackers, as well as make sure high-protein snack as well as fiber
This kind of thing can make you can reduce up to 150 calories a day.
9. Eat a light dinner
Try to reduce the amount of your dinner to only 25% of daily calorie consumption. Eat at least two or three hours before bedtime.
Eating very much very late can interfere with your digestion as well as your sleep.
10. Sleep more
Lack of sleep can make you eat more and more the next day. This kind of thing will make you have no power for sport.